Mr Phonewords is a leading provider of 1300, 1800 and 13 phonewords for Australian businesses.

Mr Phonewords is a leading provider of 1300, 1800 and 13 phonewords for Australian businesses.


What is a phoneword?

Phonewords are telephone numbers that also spell a word - for instance 1300 MR PHONE WORDS. 

Each letter of a phoneword correlates to a number on your telephone keypad. For example A, B and C = 2, D, E and F = 3 and so on.  

To dial a phoneword, you simply dial the number that relates to the letters of the word. I.e. 1300 GARDEN becomes 1300 427 336 

How much does a phoneword cost to lease?

Your investment in a phoneword can vary according to the value of the number, the geographical area the lease covers, the service provider you nominate and the duration of the lease. Your investment is invoiced on a monthly basis generally by direct debit. Your investment can range from $100 (regional) to $3000 (National) per month.

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