Mr Phonewords is a leading provider of 1300, 1800 and 13 phonewords for Australian businesses.

Mr Phonewords is a leading provider of 1300, 1800 and 13 phonewords for Australian businesses.


What is overdialing

Overdialling occurs when a person dials a phoneword that is longer than the standard length of a 1300, 13 or 1800 phone number. 

Here’s an example: 

Most 1300 numbers have a 10-digit primary number. If you dial 1300 MR PHONEWORDS you are actually dialling a 12-digit number (1300 677 466 396 737). Phonewords allow for this by giving a business an extra 2 to 4 numbers. The extra numbers are effectively “ignored” by the phone carrier who reads only the first 6-10 digits pressed hence bringing the phone number back in line with the standard phone number length.

Here is a quick overview of overdialling allowances on phonewords:


13 prefix

1300 prefix

1800 prefix

Standard length of word (letters)




Extra letters allowed (overdialling)




Do I need a new telephone line for a phoneword?

No. A phoneword can be used on your existing landline, mobile, fax or answering machine. 

A phoneword can also be forwarded to an international phone number.

What are the benefits of phonewords to your business?
There are plenty of reasons to choose Mr PHONEWORDS for your business:

People remember phonewords
Consumers are 5 times more likely to remember a phoneword than a traditional phone number*.  Simply put, while your customers might forget your phone number, they don't forget your name.

Size matters
A phoneword from MR PHONEWORDS makes a small business look big, and a big business even bigger. 

Customers love to call
Despite the emergence of email, Facebook and live chat, most customers still prefer the old fashioned telephone. Phonewords make it easier for customers to remember your number, every time.  

No need to change numbers if you move 
Your phoneword can move with your business. Whether just around the corner or further interstate, you can take your phoneword with you. 

One phone number, for all offices 
Forget multiple phone numbers, phonewords allows you to have one number – no matter how many offices you have.  Think how much easier that makes advertising!

Reinforce your brand
In the competitive world of branding, it is essential to promote your brand, wherever possible. Phonewords allows you to do this.  

It gives you valuable customer information
Using phonewords provides access to information such as how many customers are calling, and where from.  You can use this information to plan agent resources in call centres, monitor campaign effectiveness and even to decide where to open your next store.

* Roy Morgan Phone Word Awareness, Usage and Dial-ability Report 2008